Reviews of My First Knockoff Louis Vuitton Capucines BB

Hi Girls! I am going to do a review for my first replica handbags—A Louis Vuitton Capucines BB. It was my very first time to buy a replica bag. Just like most of you guys, I am crazy about luxury handbags. I own quite a few real luxury handbags. Besides, I am open to second hand bags. They all meet my continuous needs of new bags!!But honestly, I have never tried a fake bag before. Things always get uncontrolled when you carry a replica bags out. This is the stereotype I got for knockoff handbags.

However, one day my colleague Samantha told me secretly that the LV Neverfull Damier MM she carried that day was a replica. I was so shocked with the craftsmanship as I bought the same bag 2 years ago. I was familiar with the bag. But I can not tell the difference. She told me she bought the bag from a website call Twinspurse. The first time to know this site.

Anyway I am new to the replica world. So I have to do my own homework before pulling the trigger. I browsed their website from page to page. Times flies when you are able to see and maybe shop so many gorgeous handbags at one time. Based on my colleague’s previous transaction with them, I contacted them and paid the bag directly. Paid via western union with 438 USD. 10% Discount for payment via western union was applied and they also provide free shipping.

How the bag looks in person?


Leather Combo:python+grain Taurillon leather

The bag features full- grain Taurillon leather with python handle. In the first place, I just take an fancy to the combo of these 2 leather. They are unique and stunning. Besides, the lining is calfskin. From the pics, you can see there are 2 large inside compartments. For important personal stuff, we should put them in the zipped pocket as the bag is not completely closed due to its special design. Same as the real LV Capucines. The exclusive snap hook closure of the bag is sturdy and delicate. Also Got medium weight. This details reassure me a lot. Please see the pics.

The official color name is galet. Like the etoupe color in Hermes. This is my favorite color- an versatile and elegant color. It goes well with my casual dressing. I am afraid the pyphon leather look fake, but they surprise me. It is real pyphon leather. You can feel the uncomfortable surface of the exotic pyphon leather, which add more elegance to the bag. It makes me very satisfied. But to be honest, if your skin are sensitive, I recommend that you add a twilly on the handle. But I am quite okay with the python handle. I mean, I bought the bag only because the beautiful look it has and the leather combo.

That is what makes the bag stand out. No way for me to hide it. And if you can not accept the pyphon leather, there is also a regular same leather handle style out there. Go get it hhhh…..

It is BB size. The bag is crafted in trapezoidal with enough capacity to put in your daily stuff like phone, wallet and a small cosmetic bag is also fine. It keep its shape well. That is also great! When I was searching the review of this bag before I bought, I have seen many of them can not even stand up sturdy. You can not take a bag out if it suddenly fell off on its own…In addition, the bag itself has certain weight. I know real one has weight too. Anyway! With the BB size, we should not add too much burden to ourselves and also the bag because it is just a daily go-to-bag! Taking care of each nice bag is always my basic attitude of owing a luxury bag. The same must goes to a high quality replica bag!!

I think I should erase my stereotype about replica handbags. There is so many best quality replica handbags out there with delicate craftsmanship that worth our further appreciation. You will never know until you give it a shot. Just give a chance to any possibilities. I am glad I make my first move…That is all for my first Louis Vuitton replica review!

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